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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

I’ve discovered

Years ago I thought about creating a site where programmers could post profiles and businesses could post service needs. In order to be a great site it would have to be free to use and be supported solely by advertising. Since I hate the cost-per-click/cost-per-view business, I had little motivation to start the project. But today I discover that someone else did, and it looks like the ideal site for people like me.

Today I created an account and have began bidding on jobs. As a new user I have no rating or job feedback. Because I've always worked on secured or internal projects, my portfolio is just a bunch of login screens. Getting started is going to be difficult. I will have to under sell myself a lot until I get a few jobs completed. Overall I'm very excited about the possibilities.


  1. Unfortunately this site is fatally flawed. The service buyers are unable to choose a contractors bid. The service buyer cannot access the bidder's contact info in the portfolio area. The service buyers cannot submit feedback about the contractor. So, in it's current state the site is full of service buyer's projects, but I fear that no business is taking place. This is very sad, because I feel that I could make my entire living from this site.

  2. Hello,

    I have over 10+ years of experience in software development.

    I am software developer looking for freelance or Full Time work, my skill sets:


    .NET(ASP.NET / C# / VB.NET)
    ASP (VBScript & Javascript),
    SQL Server,
    Access (VBA),
    Excel (VBA),
    Crystal Reports &
    SQL Reporting Service


    PHP 4/5

    I can work on migration projects, supporting existing project and looking out for new project.



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