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Monday, May 16, 2005

In case this ever comes into question, I want my opinion to be known

This is real simple. As a devout Christian, I want the Bible to be consulted in all questions regarding my wishes if I cannot speak for myself.

The Bible clearly states that a man, in this case I, will leave his father and mother to become married to his wife, and the two become one. That's it, end of story. My wife speaks for me in all matters, and vice versa. If a Christian is in a coma for a week and the spouse wants to end it and move on, so be it. If twenty years, so be it. If six months into it she is unsure of what I would want, but 12 years later claims she is confident that she knows I would not want to go on in that state — I chose her to complete me. My parents have no authority in this. Should she respectfully hear their opinions? Of course she should. But her opinion is not to be challenged. If foul play is suspected, pursue it, but if you can't prove it, so be it. I chose her. If it was a bad choice, it was still my choice. It is not a function of government to protect me from my choices.

I chose to devote my life to loving one woman with all of my ability. If that means being kept alive so that she can hold on to hope, it is my honor to do so. If that means being allowed to die so that she can move on, it is my honor to do so.

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