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Thursday, September 1, 2005

I’m a Flickr!

I had something important to say, so I converted my Yahoo! ID to a ID. See my first Flicker Post here.


  1. Since you work for Yahoo! you should make it very clear that you are not representing the company when posting to community forums, especially when the company hosting the forum is now owned by your employer. Your statements, while well intentioned, might have an adverse effect.

  2. I don't identify myself as a Yahoo! employee in that Flickr post, nor do I state "we" opinion. I did however put a link to Yahoo!s response. I did contemplate the best way to handle the situation before posting. I wanted to get that link to the Yahoo! response in near the top of that thread. And I hoped encouraging people to look up the definition of racism would limit people's use of the word. It's pretty ignorant to argue "That photograph believes in the genetic superiority of one race over another." Which is what you are stating when you say, "That photograph is racist." The misuse of the term racism is so widespread that the definition is actually changing. Merriam-Webster has added a 2nd definition to the word "racial prejudice or discrimination", which wasn't there a short while ago. I know, because I look it up every time I hear it used. I want to make sure my statements are valid before I make them. (It goes back to the "Bronosky123" as one person called it.) I have to constantly watch my step, or else I may be forced to "head north until I hit the maple divide" to succeed.



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