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Thursday, October 13, 2005

One more post to the Tax Reform Panel

I posted this one to the "General Comments" category. The last post went to the "Request for Comments #3 (Benefits and problems with various tax reform proposals)" category.

Subject: Support for the FairTax will be the only issue I consider when voting in 06 & 08

Since 9/11/01 protecting America from terrorism has been my greatest concern and all political decisions have been based on this issue.

My new stand is that I will vote for anyone who supports H.R. 25 (The FairTax Proposal) regardless of their stand on any other issue. If a FairTax supporter is not an option, I will vote against the incumbent. If there is no incumbent, I will vote against the "Republican" or the "conservative".

One of the core values of Republicans and conservatives is the desire for smaller government. If you oppose H.R. 25 you are neither a Republican or conservative and will be punished.

I'm considering drafting a formal statement very similar to this and allowing people to "sign" it digitally. I would post this on a site where people could lookup the official position of their representatives at all levels of government. Is this a good idea?

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