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Thursday, October 13, 2005

When marketing people try to reach out to programmers

goto = ...  What?!?

For those of you who aren't programmers:
"goto" was a concept that was defunct in the 70's. I used goto's when programming in "basica" and on an Apple IIe. But even then you never used "goto =" for anything.

... this is just sad. Dice ought to offer employers the option to filter out people who click on this ad.


  1. goto is still a useful programming construct. The fact that you are not aware of when a well placed goto will make your program more readable and faster reflects your lack of knowledge in the field of programming. When Edsger Dijkstra wrote his famous paper about goto he was clearly referring to a programming paradigm, not the particular functionality of goto. Even setjmp() and longjmp() in C have good uses.

    I used to work for Dice and I can tell you that some of our marketing people know more about programming than the average PHP developer.

  2. ) under my real name. It keeps me honest and humble. It also allows companies like Apple and Yahoo! to seek me base on my reputation. It's nice have "street credibility". You should try it.

  3. where I took the time to encourage a teenager whom I've never met.

    It's just as easy to be a positive influence on society as a negative one. It just takes the right heart.

  4. Apple sought you out to work in retail based on your reputation?

  5. That came off looking a little harsh, just trying to poke some fun :)