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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple could have scored a homerun with their connector changes

What I can't understand is why, in the same year Apple changed both it's iPhone connector and it's mag safe connector and yet it didn't consolidate their profile. They could have created a single connector that would allow:

* iPhones/iPads to connect magnetically
* iPhones/iPads to charge directly on MacBook Pro/Air power supplies
* A new market for MacBook Pro/Air & iPhones/iPads hybrid peripherals
* A optional upgrade[1] to the MacBook Pro/Air power supplies that would incorporate port replication to solve the LONG standing complaint of no docking stations for Macs.

I really think Apple made a huge mistake here. This could have been a brilliant power play that would have left the analysts thrilled. Instead everyone is wondering if Apple can recover.

[1] Everyone I know buys a 2nd power supply for their potable Macs. If there were an option to buy a [let's just set a price of] $200 power supply for your portable Mac that added an ethernet port, a display port, a Thunderbolt port and a few USB ports to the brick of the power supply... Would you buy it? Everyone I know would buy 2.

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