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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

My thoughts on the war

Click the image below to download a PDF file that can be printed to make double sided ribbons. Wear these to show your support for the troops and to let the world know that we will not allow our troops to return to another "post-Vietnam" America.

Printable Patriotic Ribbonson

My thoughts on the war

I myself am opposed to war in general. But, if you educate yourself on what has truly, and undeniably (by anyone, anywhere, of any nationality, of any religion, etc.) happened you will agree that Saddam (and his regime) must be removed from leadership. Please commit yourself to viewing 12 hours of PBS, History Channel, or other documentary style news sources before repeating the opinions that you have heard. This is a very emotional situation. Do not let your emotions amplify the emotions of those who influence you. Get educated.

After seeing PBS's (Frontline) documentary on the history of Iraq (and Saddam, but not limited to) I have gained (I have a hard time stating this properly) respect for Saddam. In the same way that I have a respect for Vito and Michael Corleone (as in the movie "The Godfather"). Impressive ambition, but eventually becomes greedy and corrupt, and must be neutralized.

America's ambition is to allow all people to experience liberty. This is undeniable. Look at how freely we allow people to come into this country. Saddam tortures and kills his own people, and his ambition is to conquer and spread his reign. This is also undeniable.

The question, which is up for opinion, is: How should the situation be handled?

Americans (hopefully educated about the actions and beliefs of their candidates) voted on who they wanted to lead this country and make the difficult choices required to do so. (I personally did not like Bush and did not vote for Bush.) But I know that he was chosen by the freest people in the world, and is backed by the greatest intelligence pool in the world. The AMERICANS should express THEIR opinions to the president, and hopefully influence his decision. But to oppose his decision is to oppose the constitutional government that you enjoy. Those who do so don't want a constitutional government, or "certain unalienable rights"; they want their opinions enforced. (Democracy is mob rule.) This is human nature. (Watch a room full of children play with toys. They want their way, and no one else's.) However, it is not the way a constitutional government is ran. It is actually the way that individuals like Saddam come to power.

Think about it.