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Friday, April 28, 2006

Another bookmarklet

Well, I have to admit: I use GMail on my MythTV box. I've tried out a lot of email tools, and it works the best with my MythTV. Everywhere else I use Yahoo! Mail Beta.

One of the biggest complaints I have about GMail is how little real estate you have for reading mail. (Come on, that's what your supposed to be able to do right?!?!) So I created a bookmarklet that toggles maximizing the reading area.

Here it is --> Maximize GMail

  1. Drag this link to your bookmark toolbar then go view a message in gmail.

  2. Click the bookmark once to hide the left and right columns, again to unhide them.

  3. If you think it sucks, just delete the bookmark and post a comment here on my blog. If you like it, keep it to yourself. (Wait a minute, I got that last part backwards. But, that will probably lead to more comments!)

This does not work with Internet Explorer. I hate Internet Explorer. If it did work by coincedence, I would through something in to sabotage Internet Explorer. I don't want panhandlers spending my money on liquor. I don't want people spending my code on Internet Explorer.

It's harsh, but it's my right. See: Kill Bill's Browser dot com

I set a "keyword" of m for this, so I can use "ctrl+l m enter" to call it quickly.

Although it does hide the ads, this is not the purpose of it. (I don't believe in hiding ads unless they are animated and annoying, or feature scantily dressed women. I do, after all, get paid by ad revenue from Yahoo!) The purpose is to make it easier to read email from a "10Ft. UI"


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

GoDaddy say it ain’t so!

In response to this news article. I posted this comment to the forum.

I just sent this letter to

I was very disappointed to hear about your switch from Apache to Microsoft web servers. I'm going to do more research before I jump to conclusions.

So far it seems that Netcraft Ltd. shows a 5.9% drop in share for Apache to do this move. I will move my registrations and begin advocating against you if this is true.

Geek credibility is a terrible thing to waste.

This is a very sad event!

Monday, April 10, 2006

I wrote my first bookmarklet. It’s pretty cool, if I may say so.

I don't have much time to get into the details. I'll rewrite this later.

If you use Bank of America, you can use this on the page "Bill Pay & e-Bills" This bookmarklet navigates the DOM to find the "Outgoing Payments" table. It cycles through the table and adds a running (declining) total to the table. It's real simple, with now bells & whistles. I wrote it in about 2 hours. But, I always like to get out a calculator and subtract all my scheduled payments from my Available Funds ot see when I would run out of money if I didn't get any paychecks. (It's kind of morbid, but it makes me feel better.) I do this because When ever I am carrying a balance on a credit card, I like to spend nearly every penny each month. It's kind of nerve racking, but it's the best way to make sure those "bargins" that you just HAD to spend credit on remain bargins. (It's amazing how expensive things are when you add in the interest you pay!)
To use this bookmarklet, just drag this link --> Bank of America Burn Rate Calculator to your bookmark toolbar.

I also cleaned up the code a lot.

The Available Balance was $646.46
Here is the code:
var getElementsByClassName=function(oElm,strTagName,strClassName){
var arrElements=(strTagName=='*'&&document.all)?document.all:oElm.getElementsByTagName(strTagName);
var arrReturnElements=new Array();
var oRegExp=new RegExp('(^|s)'+strClassName.replace(/-/g,'-')+'(s|$)');
for(var i=0;i if(oRegExp.test(arrElements[i].className)){
var funds=parseFloat(getElementsByClassName(document,'span','payfrommargin')[1].innerHTML.replace(/Avail. Funds $([0-9.,]+).*/,'$1').replace(/,/,''));
var table=getElementsByClassName(document,'table','mod1-bkgd2-hs')[1];
var cells=getElementsByClassName(table,'td','text1a');
for(x=1;x var bill=cells[x].innerHTML.replace(/$([0-9.,]+).*/,'$1').replace(/,/,'');
var fundsString=Math.ceil(funds*100).toString();

Here it is on one line the way you have to enter in into Mozilla:
[js]javascript:(function(){var getElementsByClassName=function(oElm,strTagName,strClassName){var arrElements=(strTagName=='*'&&document.all)?document.all:oElm.getElementsByTagName(strTagName);var arrReturnElements=new Array();var oRegExp=new RegExp('(^|s)'+strClassName.replace(/-/g,'-')+'(s|$)');for(var i=0;i$'+fundsString.substring(0,fundsString.length-2)+'.'+fundsString.substring(fundsString.length-2,fundsString.length);}})();