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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Please, let me buy your products!

For those of you interested in a Samsung SGH-T809 (or other) but cannot buy it because it would require manual contact management (an impossible task for most of us these days). I just sent this message to Samsung via their feedback page and I suggest all of you do the same!

To whom it should concern,
I am on my 5th Nokia phone because I know that I can use the syncing software of my choice with their phones. I am wanting to buy an SGH-T809, but your lack of support for industry standards like SyncML and OBEX is going to force me to buy a Motorola RAZR even though I feel it is a less appealing product.

You need to do you ever it takes to get you phones on this list: Apple users are passionate, evangelistic, loyal, and tend to have discretionary finances. These are the kinds of customers you want.

I've bought one flat panel television from Sharp this year. ( I'm not lying ) I am in the market for 2 more. I am also in the market for an up-sampling DVD player, camcorder, and color laser printer. Until you embrace my community (educated, demanding, consumers) none of your products will make it into my home, even though you have some beautiful TVs that meet my wife's strict bezel requirements.

Please do yourself a favor and embrace SyncML in your mobile phones. I want to buy your products, but cannot.

--Richard Bronosky


  1. Follow-up:
    I have since bought:
    1. 1x 50 inch HP plasma (with GPL licensing)
    2. 2x Motorola RAZRs
    3. 1x Nokia N95
    4. 1x HP Color LaserJet
    5. 1x Philips HDMI DVD player (because Blu-Ray is DRM encumbered)
    6. 1x Sony theater receiver

    I was deliberate in my avoidance of Samsung in all these decisions. I have qualms with lots of companies, but encumbering perfectly good hardware by marrying it to microsoft is unforgivable. Sony, on the other hand, opposed the world at large with its memorystick. So, I just avoid anything that uses memorystick.

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