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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Let the Federal Tax Reform Advisory Panel know how you feel!!!

I just visited the comments area of were you can read comments from others and post comments about the ridiculous recommendation that came out this week.

I am a big fan of The FairTax Proposal (H.R. 25), so I decided to make my voice be heard.

I hope it appears here soon. (Update: It's there now.)

In case it gets lost I'm posting it here too.

It is obvious that you are speculating about the contents of the FairTax. The opinions stated about the FairTax by members of this panel cannot be justified to those of us who have read the proposal or "The FairTax Book". A reasonable and educated person could easily have these opinions if they had only heard of the FairTax, but not if they had read it.

I am sick of trying to file my taxes every year. I get so angry at how complicated it is that I want to just give up and not file. As a 20-something American who hopes that my hard work and good decisions make me rich someday, I beg you "don't punish success with an oppressive tax code." I grew up on welfare, in subsidized housing. I decided that I was going to escape. I chose to learn to speak respectably, to get all the education and marketable skills I could, and to NOT GET ANYONE PREGNANT. Using this simple plan I have bettered myself and my family. I deserve equal treatment under the law whether I succeed in building wealth, or if I remain of humble means.

This is America, where we dream big. We should not be punished for reaching for those dreams.

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